Painting and Drawing

Learn fundamental painting and drawing techniques and practice new or refine existing skills in an exciting online studio environment designed to inspire creativity and teach you—as both a beginning or an intermediate artist—how to express yourself through artistic practices.


Students enrolled in this online Studio course will balance a variety of expert-led live sessions with self-guided practice to build and further develop artistic skills in an exciting and dynamic virtual setting. Taught by practicing contemporary artists and with guest appearances by leaders in the contemporary art world, this Studio course provides all levels of students with the guidance, techniques, and support to encourage them to develop their own creative vision. In this course, students will learn and refine basic drawing techniques through a hands-on, multifaceted approach that motivates them to learn new skills and methods as well as deepen their knowledge of visual communication.


This program is geared towards students eager to discover their passions, try something new and prepare for college. From hands-on studio sessions to virtual site visits, with online activities led by expert practitioners, the Studio program is curated to give students a newfound sense of direction for their future studies.


Students will be provided with a list of materials they should purchase before the start of the course.


Virtual site visits may include:

  • The drawing collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Interactive virtual exhibitions at the Tate Modern in London
  • Online viewing rooms of top international galleries, such as David Zwirner and
  • Artists’ studios


Guest speakers may include:

  • Artists
  • Contemporary art gallerists
  • Contemporary art curators


Projects may include:

  • Learning a variety of drawing techniques practiced under self-guided studio time catered to the level of the student, followed by individualized feedback given by the instructor on the student’s work
  • Keeping a sketchbook diary to experiment with different media and techniques
  • Creating an expressive self-portrait series using a variety of media to understand the importance of a narrative arc within a body of work
  • Creating an animated GIF using drawings students have made in class



Tech Fee: $75


Please note: This information is subject to change at any time at the discretion of Sotheby’s Institute of Art.

Term Dates

Term dates and course availability depend heavily on instructors’ schedules.

  • Term 3 July 5 to July 16 Term Closed

All courses are open to rising 10th – 12th graders and graduating seniors. Explore the full online summer schedule.

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What is a Studio Course?

Studio courses provide students with an immersive and virtual exploration of traditional studio art-making practices alongside a survey of the history, markets, and theory for a single subject area. This hands-on approach to learning enables students to develop deeper appreciation for art and insights about the field. Over the course of a two-week Institute term, students will create original works of art.

Course Highlights

Summer Institute enables students to dive deep into a course of study, sharpening skills for their academic and professional careers. Each course is carefully designed to suit student interests and encourage intellectual curiosity.

  • 1

    In an exciting and interactive online studio practice, students will, depending on their skill level, work on beginners to advanced drawing skills and receive individualized feedback to help them take their creations to the next level both technically and conceptually. Instruction will include a variety of drawing techniques that students will test to create a finished work of art, which they can use to start or add to an existing portfolio at the end of the course.

  • 2

    Students will work with a variety of water-based media to further understanding of concepts of painting, including approaches to color, line, value, composition, and scale. Self-paced studio exercises will allow students time to develop their own approaches to expression using the techniques studied in class.

  • 3

    This course is ideal for students who are creatively inclined and searching for a supportive and instructional environment to help them develop or advance their drawing and painting talents. Under the guidance of studio art faculty, they will start a sketchbook diary for visual experimentation, develop new areas of artistic practice and create examples of finished work to add to their portfolios.

Summer Institute Faculty

Our instructors are award-winning Sotheby's Institute faculty, recognized thought leaders and professional experts in the art world. Each faculty member structures their course around real-time conversations defining their professions and helps students master the unique forces at play in the art world.

Summer Institute Faculty

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