Applications & Admissions

Application Process


Sotheby’s Summer Institute for pre-college students is open to high school students (grades 10-12 based on the grade the student is entering in the Fall 2024 school year) and graduating seniors. Students must be 15 years old by the first day of the program. All students are required to complete an online application, which can be completed in a few basic steps. As students work through their application, they may save their progress and return to the application prior to final submission.


1. Fill out basic information
2. Select course preference
3. Complete short answer question
4. Pay a $50 application fee
5. Submit supplementary materials



  • Transcript and School Report: Forms must include the school’s grading system and the most recent completed semester grades. Transcripts must be in English and do not need to be official. Report cards for the last two years are acceptable.
  • Reference: must be a teacher, guidance counselor, coach or school official.



  • Work/Writing Sample: Students can submit any piece of work as an optional supplement to their application (e.g. research paper, poetry, course assignment, artwork, proposals, etc.).


*Applications will not be considered complete until all required supplementary materials have been received. Failure to submit required supplementary materials by the application deadline may result in rejection or declined admission.

Returning & Deferred Students


We are thrilled that you have decided to study with us again. Students who have previously attended Sotheby’s Summer Institute for pre-college students or were accepted to a previous Summer Institute course can submit a simplified application in a few basic steps. Application fees will be waived for returning and deferred students. In the simplified application, you will be asked to:


1. Fill out basic information
2. Select course preferences
3. Submit an updated Transcript and School Report

4. Input Reference Information

Application Timeline


Admission to Summer Institute is competitive. All applications are carefully reviewed by our admissions committee. Admissions officers seek talented student leaders with diverse interests, ambitions and writing styles. The committee strives to select critical thinkers who will contribute to a well-rounded, academically engaged community of students. Each application is reviewed holistically and qualified students who have demonstrated a genuine interest in the program as well as a strong academic background will be considered for admission to the program. Our goal is to accept the most qualified students as possible and to ensure we are accepting the right students into the right program.


We encourage students to submit their applications as soon as possible to increase their chances of being placed in their preferred course. Please note that all supplemental documents must also be submitted in order for your application to be considered.


Application Deadlines

  • Monday, February 5 (Early Decision)
  • Monday, March 11 (Priority + Financial Aid)
  • Monday, April 8 (Regular)


The final deadline to be considered for financial aid is March 11, 2024. New requests for financial aid received after this date will not be considered.

Tuition & Fees


Residential Program

Students live in dorm-like facilities in the center of the city.


Tuition, Room and Board $6,845
Materials Fee * $275
Health Fee * $100

Total Cost of Attendance     




Day Program (non-residential)

Students commute to class every day and do not receive room and board.


Tuition and Daily Lunch $5,560
Materials Fee * $275
Health Fee * $100

Total Cost of Attendance     



Students may enroll in multiple terms for a $425 discount on tuition (excluding housing and fees).


*Additional fees cover materials such as activities, equipment, and other instructional materials; and health fees such as masks, other protective wear, over-the-counter medicines, and transportation to Urgent Care. Fees do not cover health insurance; all students are required to have insurance coverage. 

Financial Aid


Limited financial assistance is awarded based on a combination of merit and need. In order to be considered for financial aid, students must submit a completed program application, followed by a financial aid application.


Review Process

Financial aid is awarded to students who have been accepted into the program and have chosen to apply for financial aid. Students are notified of their financial aid decision at the same time as their program admission decision. The final deadline to be considered for financial aid is March 11, 2024, but we encourage students to apply at the earliest deadline possible. Failure to submit all required materials and a complete program application may result in a rejection or declined offer.


*International students with income outside of the US must submit their country’s equivalent of tax forms or proof of income. All documents must be translated into English before submission. Families without tax forms, must submit a secondary proof of income, or documentation if student is in foster care or ward of the State or county.

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